Thursday, June 30, 2005

First Post!

The charismatic/enigmatic folks at mediawave (my local video store) have always been great people whom I admire very much, for their comical take on life, and the customers in their very store. They are in fact so awesome, that the sheer amount of hilarity that ensues when small children cause a disturbance in their store has been known to blister ones retinas. their blog can be found at

It has always reminded me of the movie clerks, in which two witty employees of a local convenience store/ movie rental store converse over the misadventures of their customers.

find below two of my very favorite quotes, this one is from Jordan.

"I wanted to beat the hell out of those kids, my god. GET CONTROL OF YOUR KIDS OR GET OUT OF THE STORE YOU JACKASS."

and this one is from drew.

"I wanna punch fat kids"


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