Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mark Zorro

There was a time when I was reading AlwaysOn and one member stood out: Mark Zorro (free subscription needed). He often had really deeper comments and posts then most.

In his signature he had something like: Mark Twain was not Mark Twain and Mark Zorro is not Mark Zorro.

I love his approach, create your own figure and post your thoughts freely as a means to get clarity and deeper insight that you are not able to do if the posts are connected to your real name.

He even had a blog called One. Its target:
One Line of Thought
One Line of Happiness
One Line of Connection
One Line for Nothing
One Line for Everything
He just posted one line thoughts that he had during the day to see where it takes him.

Now he has logged off, or at least he is exploring life not through Mark Zorro anymore. That phase is over, has done its purpose. He has moved on. Good for him.

I am convinced that through Mark Zorro he found out a lot about himself. Things he didn't know before about how he wants to live his life versus how all the others wants him to live his life.A very valuable insight.


Blogger MarkZorro said...

Mark, there were three things that I did online, the first is a symbolic primary division that exists in my head – the right and left hemisphere. My life purpose has been greatly enhanced by seeing my own internal division. This is a practical rather than philosophical quest and so instead of identity or pseudonym, I used symbolic names:

Ma.rk is an abbreviation, for this is not an anonymous but a private journey
7:24 means to be alive, to be Always On, to ask spiritual questions personal to me
Mark is a tribute to Mark Twain, a genius who lost himself in a vain search for fame
Zorro symbolizes the masks that we wear in society as we live with uncertainty

The second thing was viewing cyberspace not as a community but as a global brain of the ordinary rather than purely the gifted. The purpose of which was to experience the vulnerability of placing my thinking alongside the thoughts of others but to also see if I could construct a way of life for myself that I couldn’t find in a textbook. Not for originality but for origin and that origin is the offline existence. This contributed to a personal rather than social explorative, and the answers from this explorative where mined back into my personal life, as an emergent way of life.

The third to determine the line between transparency and privacy in my life, between which lies a variable assortment of life choices governed by identity and meaning. My disappointment with cyberspace was that it showed me that we exist in primarily a copy and paste world, but my enthusiasm with this medium is that blogs and expressions reveal that the human mind is an infant that is on an onward path reveal the power of its true diversity. We should be invigorated because each of us are at the beginning of something rather than simply at an end. In the end privacy trumped transparency as my life choice because I realized where my beginning begins.

I learned online that there are six billion names out there, most of who are not connected to this cyberspace but all of them forces of talent whose enterprise lies wasted or is underutilized. If we were able to connect all six billion, the resulting choice would require us to totally rethink how we personally consume information and live our lives. Change occurs best when we make time to think also take care not to infringe on the rights of others to engage their mindspace. We don’t accelerate fine wine but we end up accelerating change and everyone needs time to drink.

A lifetime is also a ridiculously insufficient timespan that allows us to meet only a handful of the diverse living collected genius of the ordinary, and so I came to the conclusion that life is best lived where one already exists or lives. There is more than enough to explore in the wonder of the tiny space that exists around our own lives, and in that regards ants trump human beings in using their gifts. The tool to unravel this gift within each of us, it exists in the depth of our imagination and through our free will to define the scope of our life purpose. It is this personal imagination and purpose that creates the free will to use the gifts of accelerated change and the option to do nothing. That is the nothing that is left for me to do online and so I move on with my life and hope to fashion it as no different to six billion other souls, for I will only have pity on myself if I was different than the world I already live with.

Mark Finnern, thank you most kindly for your respectful observation.


Thursday, March 30, 2006  

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