Tuesday, July 11, 2006


There has been a growing dilemma in the cyberworld. That dilemma is of the growing popularity of MySpace. I will address some of the issues it raises in an unbiased examination of it.

Before we begin let me put this out there, I do have a MySpace account and no, I do not check it everyday. The last time I checked it was like... long ago. My personal preference is blogger, but the rest of the post will be a (mostly) unbiased test.


Test 1: Safe to use (Blogger definetly wins)

Spyware and Adware has been a growing concern among people who surf the internet. It can drag your system down and potentially get personal information. The reason it is such a big concern is because it isn't illegal like viruses are. In this test I will scan my computer and remove any spyware it has, and then I will surf myspace for a while and do another scan.

Results of the first scan:

No Spyware or Adware.

Results of the second scan after about an hour of only myspace surfing:

I had to say, the results suprised me, normally on a week of regular internet browsing (no myspace) I might get like 15 tops... 23 is a record and after only an hour of myspace browsing.

Test 2: Ads (Blogger wins)

Blogger has no ads, in fact, if you do like me and host your own blog you don't even have the nav bar at the top.

Other ads include political bashing like this one:

Test 3: Content (Neutral)

The content of the profile is up to the individual who creates it, and it can be good or really bad. While that is also true for blogger, it is more prevalent and easier to see on MySpace.

Test 4: Interactiveness (MySpace wins)

You can have a community on blogger, it just takes more work than on myspace, thats the reason so many people use it. Also, on myspace you can leave generic comments instead of leaving comments on each blog. MySpace also has a profile page where you can put stuff, unlike blogger. You can invite friends, send private messages, make bulletins, create events and other things on myspace. MySpace has definetly got blogger beat on an easy community.


In the 4 tests, Blogger came ahead twice and Myspace once, with one tie. Sure, you can interact and comment, but at the expense of your computer becoming infected? You can do all that stuff in real life or on blogger, or the phone... the possibilities are endless.
Should you use myspace? That's a personal question you need to answer yourself



Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude myspace blows it should have stayed a dating service and people should learnd to use live journal if they wanna tell about the party actions

Tuesday, July 11, 2006  
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