Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mark Zorro

There was a time when I was reading AlwaysOn and one member stood out: Mark Zorro (free subscription needed). He often had really deeper comments and posts then most.

In his signature he had something like: Mark Twain was not Mark Twain and Mark Zorro is not Mark Zorro.

I love his approach, create your own figure and post your thoughts freely as a means to get clarity and deeper insight that you are not able to do if the posts are connected to your real name.

He even had a blog called One. Its target:
One Line of Thought
One Line of Happiness
One Line of Connection
One Line for Nothing
One Line for Everything
He just posted one line thoughts that he had during the day to see where it takes him.

Now he has logged off, or at least he is exploring life not through Mark Zorro anymore. That phase is over, has done its purpose. He has moved on. Good for him.

I am convinced that through Mark Zorro he found out a lot about himself. Things he didn't know before about how he wants to live his life versus how all the others wants him to live his life.A very valuable insight.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

CharityFocus: Helping Others Help Others

One of my favorite sites on the Internet is Quote-a-Day. With one positive news/inspiration every day it really makes a difference.

CharityFocus: Helping Others Help Others: "Inspiration of the Day:
'All of a sudden, I was kind of flapping one arm,' Renner said. 'The next thing I knew, there were three racers in front of me.' At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Sara Renner broke her ski pole. A cross-country skier without a pole is like a hockey player without a stick, or a canoeist without a paddle. Renner had invested her life to be in this position; she had her tyroid removed after being diagnosed with Graves disease six years ago. She had pressed on, and at that moment it was all slipping away - the dream, the work, everything. She watched other skiers go past her, utterly helpless to keep up. And then something miraculous happened. A 'mystery man' standing near the course handed his ski pole to Renner. That mystery man was Bjoernar Hakensmoen whose Norwegian team was knocked off the medal stand as Renner won the Silver medal. Hakensmoen sportmanship is dubbed as the defining moment of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
[ more ... ]"
I am sure Bjoernar Hakensmoen can look into the mirror with pride every morning. Something I strive for and fail and strive for again too.